W = Writer | P = Producer | E = Engineer | M = Mixer | A = Artist | I = Instrumentalist | V = Vocalist | ME = Mastering Engineer

Elisa Jo (full album) Kicks Decca/Universal 2019 P, M
Marvin Jouno (full album) S/Mars Sony 2019 M
Janelle Monae I Like That (Easy Star Remix) Dirty Computer Atlantic 2018 M
Jose James (multiple songs) Lean On Me (Japan) Blue Note 2018 P, E, M
Kelly Clarkson Heat (Easy Star Remix) Meaning Of Life Atlantic 2018 M
Various Artists (full album) Top Shelf 8-8-88 Rostrum 2018 E
Jason Mraz Have It All (Easy Star Remix) Know Atlantic 2018 M
Deva Mahal (full album) Run Deep Motema 2018 W, P, M, E
Cory Henry & TFA (full EP) Art Of Love 2018 P, E
Michael Blume (single) Blunder S-Curve 2018 P
Part Time Friends Born To Try Streets and Stories Sony 2018 M
Stormzy Blinded By Your Grace Gang Signs & Prayer Warner 2017 E
Jose James Live Your Fantasy Love In A Time Of Madness Blue Note 2017 W, P, E, I
CGS Lu Guistacofane Canzoniere Ponderosa 2017 W, P, E
Coldplay (full 5.1 album) A Head Full Of Dreams Parlophone 2016 M
Rachel Platten Congratulations Wildfire Columbia 2016 W
Cory Henry (full album) The Revival Universal 2016 M, ME
Ronnie Spector (full album) English Heart 429 / Savoy 2016 P, M, E, I
Michael Blume The Same When I Get It Right S-Curve 2016 P, M, E, I
Fabolous Baby Playlist Elektra 2016 I
Jackie Evancho All Of The Stars (single) Sony 2015 P, M, I
Vigon Bamy Jay (full album) Love Me Tender M6 2015 P, E, M
Rachel Brown (full EP) The Band Anavista 2015 P, E, M
Erin Bowman Daddy’s Gotta Lotta $ Hey Summer Minty Cool 2014 W, P, M
Hamilton Leithauser Alexandra Black Hours Ribbon Music 2014 M
Heffron Drive (multiple songs) Parallel TOLBooth Records 2014 M
Olympe (full album) Une Vie Par Jour Universal 2014 P, M
School Is Cool (full album) Nature Fear Sony 2014 M
Michael Franti Long Ride Home All People Capitol 2013 M
N8N (full album) Bring It On N8N 2013 W, P, M
Naturally 7 (multiple songs) Word Of Mouth Hidden Beach 2013 W, P, M
Nicole Beharie (full album) My Last Day Without You Eusonia 2013 W, P, M
Olympe (full album) Olympe Universal 2013 P, M
Straight No Chaser Song For Santa Under The Influence Atlantic 2013 W
The Kin (multiple songs) Interscope 2013 W, P, M
Vampire Weekend Unbelievers Modern Vampires of City XL 2013 M
Vigon Bamy Jay (full album) Les Soul Men M6 2013 P, M
Amandine Bourgeois Sans Amour 20m2 Sony 2012 P, M
Cory Henry (full album) Gotcha Now Doc 2012 M, ME
Dawn Landes (full album) Mal Habillee United For Opportunity 2012 ME
Kokayi Four Four Four Four LTMW 2012 M
Nicki Richards (full album) Tell Me… 2012 E, M
Stefano Langone They Don’t Know Hollywood 2012 W, P, M
Susan Justice Honey Feat. Kokayi Capitol 2012 W, P, M
Ayanna Gregory Now Now New Moon Recordings 2011 M
Jose James Trouble No Beginning No End Blue Note 2011 W
Pauline Croze Untitled Wagram 2011 W
Warren Dean Flandez (multiple songs) Vintage Love 30 Records 2011 M
Zach Deputy (full album) Another Day Eusonia 2011 P, M
Rachel Platten (multiple songs) Be Here Great Unknown 2011 M
Billy White (full album) First Things First Porto Franco Records 2010 M, ME
Carolyn Malachi Orion Lions Fires Squares 2010 M
Chimene Badi (full album) Laisse Les Dire Universal / AZ 2010 P, M
Grande Corps Malade J’attends 3 Temps Universal 2010 P, M
Jose James & Jef Neve Autumn In New York For All We Know Impulse 2010 M
Jose James Save Your Love For Me Blackmagic Brownswood Recordings 2010 M
Juliet Katz Vague a L’ame Tout Le Monde Universal 2010 P, M
Kane Catwalk Criminal The Singles Universal 2010 P, M
Silya (full album) Peel Away Eusonia 2010 P, M
Eva Avila Damned Give Me The Music Sony 2009 W, P, M
Jenna Andrews (multiple songs) Island Def Jam 2009 W, P, M
Laura Izibor (full album) Let The Truth Be Told Atlantic 2009 P, M
Marc Copely Witness Harp & Plow UFO 2009 E
Mozella Attention Motown 2009 W, P, M
Naturally 7 Wall Of Sound Wall Of Sound Festplatte 2009 W, P, M
Brenda Radney Check Mate Tennsman 2008 W, P, M
Francis Jockey (full album) Sanctified KoKo Records 2008 M
Game Rebellion Ironman Molotov Music 2008 E, M
Kaci Battaglia In Your Smile Curb Records 2008 W, P, M
Kane (full album) Everything You Want Universal 2008 P, M
Maiysha (full album) This Much Is True Eusonia 2008 W, P, M
Scott Jacoby (full album) After Columbia Music Ent. 2008 A, W, P, M
Vanessa Hudgens Last Night Identified Hollywood 2007 W, P, M
Various Artists Mmm… Why Did I Get Married? Atlantic 2007 P
Vivian Green Life Gets In The Way Sony 2007 W, P, M
Jeremy Gregory So Serious Warner 2007 M
Lewis Black (full album) Live At Carnegie Hall Comedy Central 2006 E
Naturally 7 (multiple songs) Ready II Fly Festplatte 2006 P, M
Silya Supahero (single) Eusonia 2006 W, P, M
Tricky Bizniss Tonight’s Your Lucky Day Tricky Bizniss EsNtion 2006 W, P, M
Autumn (full album) Sunshine You Global 2005 W, P, M
Pink To Love Me Now Jive 2005 I
Ayo Where’s The Joy Ayo MBM 2004 P, M
Brianna Forever Tonight Get Ya Self Up Yellowrose 2004 P, M
Fabolous Baby Real Talk Desert Storm 2004 I
Jess Klein (full album) Strawberry Lover Ryko 2004 I
Orange Factory Miracle Sun Rise From The East Irma 2004 W, P
Scott Jacoby (full album) Before Now Columbia Music Ent. 2004 A, W, P, M
Sussan Deyhim Trouble Man Trouble Man Venus Rising 2004 P, M
John Legend Freedom Now Sony 2003 W, P, M
Maya Azucena (multiple songs) Maya Who? Nu Media 2003 W, P, M
Jawz Of Life (multiple songs) First Breath Blue Maze 2002 M
Warrior Who’s Hustlin Who The Perfect Weapon Ohm 2002 P, M
Sam Bisbee (multiple songs) Vehicle 2001 P, M
Eject (full album) Insert Blue Maze 2000 A, W, P, M