W = Writer | P = Producer | E = Engineer | M = Mixer | A = Artist | I = Instrumentalist | V = Vocalist | ME = Mastering Engineer

Stormzy Blinded By Your Grace Gang Signs & Prayer Warner 2017 E
Jose James Live Your Fantasy Love In A Time Of Madness Blue Note 2017 W, P, E, I
Coldplay (full 5.1 album) A Head Full Of Dreams Parlophone 2016 M
Rachel Platten Congratulations Wildfire Columbia 2016 W
Cory Henry (full album) The Revival Universal 2016 M, ME
Ronnie Spector (full album) English Heart 429 / Savoy 2016 P, M, E, I
Michael Blume The Same When I Get It Right S-Curve 2016 P, M, E, I
Fabolous Baby Playlist Elektra 2016 I
Jackie Evancho All Of The Stars (single) Sony 2015 P, M, I
Vigon Bamy Jay (full album) Love Me Tender M6 2015 P, E, M
Rachel Brown (full EP) The Band Anavista 2015 P, E, M
Erin Bowman Daddy’s Gotta Lotta $ Hey Summer Minty Cool 2014 W, P, M
Hamilton Leithauser Alexandra Black Hours Ribbon Music 2014 M
Heffron Drive (multiple songs) Parallel TOLBooth Records 2014 M
Olympe (full album) Une Vie Par Jour Universal 2014 P, M
School Is Cool (full album) Nature Fear Sony 2014 M
Michael Franti Long Ride Home All People Capitol 2013 M
N8N (full album) Bring It On N8N 2013 W, P, M
Naturally 7 (multiple songs) Word Of Mouth Hidden Beach 2013 W, P, M
Nicole Beharie (full album) My Last Day Without You Eusonia 2013 W, P, M
Olympe (full album) Olympe Universal 2013 P, M
Straight No Chaser Song For Santa Under The Influence Atlantic 2013 W
The Kin (multiple songs) Interscope 2013 W, P, M
Vampire Weekend Unbelievers Modern Vampires of City XL 2013 M
Vigon Bamy Jay (full album) Les Soul Men M6 2013 P, M
Amandine Bourgeois Sans Amour 20m2 Sony 2012 P, M
Cory Henry (full album) Gotcha Now Doc 2012 M, ME
Dawn Landes (full album) Mal Habillee United For Opportunity 2012 ME
Guggenheim Grotto Hola The Universe Is Laughing United For Opportunity 2012 M
Kokayi Four Four Four Four LTMW 2012 M
Nicki Richards (full album) Tell Me… 2012 E, M
Stefano Langone They Don’t Know Hollywood 2012 W, P, M
Susan Justice Honey Feat. Kokayi Capitol 2012 W, P, M
Ayanna Gregory Now Now New Moon Recordings 2011 M
Jose James Trouble No Beginning No End Blue Note 2011 W
Pauline Croze Untitled Wagram 2011 W
Warren Dean Flandez (multiple songs) Vintage Love 30 Records 2011 M
Zach Deputy (full album) Another Day Eusonia 2011 P, M
Rachel Platten (multiple songs) Be Here Great Unknown 2011 M
Billy White (full album) First Things First Porto Franco Records 2010 M, ME
Carolyn Malachi Orion Lions Fires Squares 2010 M
Chimene Badi (full album) Laisse Les Dire Universal / AZ 2010 P, M
Grande Corps Malade J’attends 3 Temps Universal 2010 P, M
Jose James & Jef Neve Autumn In New York For All We Know Impulse 2010 M
Jose James Save Your Love For Me Blackmagic Brownswood Recordings 2010 M
Juliet Katz Vague a L’ame Tout Le Monde Universal 2010 P, M
Kane Catwalk Criminal The Singles Universal 2010 P, M
Silya (full album) Peel Away Eusonia 2010 P, M
Eva Avila Damned Give Me The Music Sony 2009 W, P, M
Jenna Andrews (multiple songs) Island Def Jam 2009 W, P, M
Laura Izibor (full album) Let The Truth Be Told Atlantic 2009 P, M
Marc Copely Witness Harp & Plow UFO 2009 E
Mozella Attention Motown 2009 W, P, M
Naturally 7 Wall Of Sound Wall Of Sound Festplatte 2009 W, P, M
Brenda Radney Check Mate Tennsman 2008 W, P, M
Francis Jockey (full album) Sanctified KoKo Records 2008 M
Game Rebellion Ironman Molotov Music 2008 E, M
Kaci Battaglia In Your Smile Curb Records 2008 W, P, M
Kane (full album) Everything You Want Universal 2008 P, M
Maiysha (full album) This Much Is True Eusonia 2008 W, P, M
Scott Jacoby (full album) After Columbia Music Ent. 2008 A, W, P, M
Vanessa Hudgens Last Night Identified Hollywood 2007 W, P, M
Various Artists Mmm… Why Did I Get Married? Atlantic 2007 P
Vivian Green Life Gets In The Way Sony 2007 W, P, M
Jeremy Gregory So Serious Warner 2007 M
Lewis Black (full album) Live At Carnegie Hall Comedy Central 2006 E
Naturally 7 (multiple songs) Ready II Fly Festplatte 2006 P, M
Silya Supahero (single) Eusonia 2006 W, P, M
Tricky Bizniss Tonight’s Your Lucky Day Tricky Bizniss EsNtion 2006 W, P, M
Autumn (full album) Sunshine You Global 2005 W, P, M
Pink To Love Me Now Jive 2005 I
Ayo Where’s The Joy Ayo MBM 2004 P, M
Brianna Forever Tonight Get Ya Self Up Yellowrose 2004 P, M
Fabolous Baby Real Talk Desert Storm 2004 I
Jess Klein (full album) Strawberry Lover Ryko 2004 I
Orange Factory Miracle Sun Rise From The East Irma 2004 W, P
Scott Jacoby (full album) Before Now Columbia Music Ent. 2004 A, W, P, M
Sussan Deyhim Trouble Man Trouble Man Venus Rising 2004 P, M
John Legend Freedom Now Sony 2003 W, P, M
Maya Azucena (multiple songs) Maya Who? Nu Media 2003 W, P, M
Jawz Of Life (multiple songs) First Breath Blue Maze 2002 M
Warrior Who’s Hustlin Who The Perfect Weapon Ohm 2002 P, M
Sam Bisbee (multiple songs) Vehicle 2001 P, M
Eject (full album) Insert Blue Maze 2000 A, W, P, M